So far the late fall and early winter has been tough. From holidays, work, family health issues and of course the WEATHER  it has been a challenge getting back into the air.  But I am happy to say things are settling down and this weekend in the Greater Boston area it is warm (for January) and beautiful.  We have a huge special election in Massachusetts on the 19th so I really had to get out today, since Obama is in town tomorrow and Clinton was here yesterday.  So with the TFRs around today was the day …. what a great morning to get back in the saddle.

There was nothing too fancy today, just a little traffic pattern work  Bright skies and light winds, it could not have been better and if I must say myself … I “greased” 5 of 6 landings.  The only reason I didn’t hit all 6 was probably a little bit of arrogance and not ensuring I fly the plane all the way through the landing.  It was my last touch down and I let the plane just drop a bit too much at the end.  It wasn’t bad but I can do much better and had, so I was not very happy with my self.  I really like it when those mains touch down and its as if the you were skimming a stone perfectly on a glassy pond.  Oh well … 5 of 6 ain’t bad.