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I’m back !!!  It has been over a month and I haven’t flown.  It was long overdue and the summer has been so busy.  So I headed to the airport this morning jumped in Cessna 1154G and took off.  My original plan was to fly to Hyannis and then Provincetown this week, but I decided against going anywhere south of Boston with the President in the area.  The restrictions are pretty widespread and all the waivers, procedures etc are just not worth dealing with.  No need to make a small mistake and find yourself flanked by a couple of F14s followed by a court appearance. 

So time to just spend a little time brushing up.  I was worried I would be a little rusty but in general it was just like I left it in July.  Preflight went well, during run-up I had to run lean to clean out the magnetos a bit since they were running a bit rough.  Other than that I took off with a 7 mph wind from 270 on runway 29.  Not much crosswind but I did discover a pretty bumpy ride around the traffic pattern.

My first landing was not pretty.  A bit flat and a hard nose wheel down, I then took off immediately before I made sure the flaps were completely up which caused a bit of swaying now that the crosswind had picked up.  No harm, I made adjustments and the rest of my touch- and-gos were pretty “sweet”. 

One of my biggest issues while in the pattern is feeling rushed.  When I hear things like “no delay”, “immediate take-off” , “short approach” or “start your cross-wind now” I have a tendency to rush things that I shouldn’t.  Like not making sure my flaps are up or telling ATC that I cannot comply.  Then again, it was a blast and I am back in the saddle hoping for some nice clear weather through September and October.