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I had a great flight today.  Practicing emergency procedures related to cabin fire, electrical fire, engine out etc.  But the procedure I learned the most about was the Wing on Fire drill.  Obviously a serious issue with fuel loaded into each wing, so the process really is all about figuring out quickly what could cause the fire and how to get the airplane on the ground as quickly as possible.   No one wants to be a fireball in the sky.

So we simulated the process.  The first item was, what could cause this on the wing.  Most likely electrical since there are navigation lights and landing lights on the wing.  So the first step is to shut those things off.  Second, keep the fire away from the cabin and get on the ground, so here comes the forward slip.  Full rudder, go to idle, using back/forward pressure to account for airspeed and ailerons to account for navigational direction.  It is amazing with this technique how much altitude can be lost in such a short period of time.  I was headed down from 4500 feet at an amazing pace.


Well I am now just getting over the Red Sox loss in the ALCS.


Now back to my training … my last training flight was on ground reference, steep turns, emergency procedures and night operations.  I definitely need to get the prescription for my eyeglasses  checked. I found myself struggling a bit on landings with my depth perception … all operations were conducted safely, but I definitely had trouble judging the vertical distance … and I found myself upon the runway much quicker than I expected.  Anyone out there have some tips on night landings ?

Well I passed my FAA written knowledge test !!  Whewh … I was nervous about this like any other test but in reality I did exactly what my instructor suggested and scored very high.  Not 100 percent but pretty darn close.  I made sure I knew and understood each and every question from the Gleim book.  In addition, the practice tests on Sporty’s are a good way to go, as well as, signing up for the Jeppesen’s on-line test prep.

So now I have passed the written and move into the final phase of polishing up for my FAA check ride.  I need lots of work in a couple of areas.  Soft/Short field takeoffs and landings, as well as, steep turns.  So off the the tarmac to practice, practice, practice …

So now I need to focus on airplane systems and maneuvers.  I really need to focus on what my instruments are telling me and develop a scanning method for the cockpit.

SkyHawk 172

SkyHawk 172