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You don’t have to live in the Boston area to figure out the Northeast/Easterly wind affect.  Haze, mist and ceilings well below 1000 feet.  Not exactly an ideal situation for VFR flying.  I was rained out last evening with thunderstorms and rained out due to visibility today.  I am scheduled again tomorrow, but I am not exactly sure that is going to happen either.  Oh well … time to hit the books again … and hope for better days ahead !!


I have another flight today to practice my touch-n-go’s and in particular my communication and landings.  I’m not particularly fond of flying on a hot hazy day.  It is so difficult to see other aircraft, but it is good practice.  I often wonder how bad the visibility was that fateful day for JFK jr. over the coast of Martha’s Vineyard.  It is so easy to see how he may have had a severe problem with spatial disorientation.  On days like this in the 3D world of flying it is amazing what sensations your body and mind send you.

But one thing I know about myself – I am very cautious flyer and sometimes I think my instructor feels like I am not  aggressive enough.  I think I need to find the right balance, and get real comfortable trusting my instruments !!  It’s a challenge and so much fun.

I wonder how other Pilots have conquered the skills of flying visually during the Hazy days of summer ??

Today I flew the traffic pattern.  It was an absolutely beautiful day in the Boston area, a little warm but clear and no humidity to speak of.  It was an uneventful day, but it seemed like everyone was out flying.  My first adventure was checking the oil … I couldn’t get the cap off and had to ask for help.  It took the line worker a bit of time too, so I didn’t feel that bad.  I hate it when people tighten the cap that much, it is sooo aggravating.  So now I am all set and yell “clear prop”, I then turn the ignition; the plane doesn’t start.  I tried this 4 times with no success……  Read the rest of this entry »

I have to pause in my blog to acknowledge the Celtics !!! What an incredible game last night. The return to the top and the great teamwork displayed. Egos were checked at the door, and I hope everyone gets off of Doc’s back….. His ability to sell the philosophy and motivate showed. Well done !!


Well, I attempted my official cross country solos 3 times before I actually completed the first. I learned my lesson and blocked off 5-6 hours and didn’t rush and had plenty of time to spare at each airport. My first successful solo was from Bedford, MA to Sanford, ME to Concord, NH and then back to Bedford. It went off without a hitch on an absolutely beautiful day. The most exciting part of the trip was as I was passing Pease Airforce Base in Portsmouth NH, a big C-130 took off and was practicing touch and gos. Read the rest of this entry »